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Help Desks

We have various help desk emails you may contact for assistance at anytime:

Student Affairs: (admission, registration, advising, transcripts, student issues)

Technical Support: (email, portal, tech issues)

Library: (library, learning resource requests)

A word about the help desks:

  1. When you send an email, the software we use creates a "support ticket." All this means is that there is a record of your request so that we can ensure it is handled appropriately.

  2. Once your question has been answered or your issue resolved, you may receive a message that indicates your ticket has been "closed." This means we have marked the record as resolved on our end.

  3. If you do not need additional help, please do not respond any further to these messages. Any response, including "thank you" will "re-open" the ticket and create additional work on our end.

  4. Also, please do not copy other parties on a support ticket as this also complicates proper handling of the issue.