Remember to make sure you can sign in!

As soon as you receive an email notification that you have been enrolled in a course, it is important to make sure that you are able to log in to all required systems. You should also make sure that you can still log in to Schoology the week before classes begin.

  • Courses (Schoology - - Once accepted to the college you will receive an email that provides you with your login username and password. The username is your first initial - last name - 4 numbers (JSmith1234).

    • Your password will be the same password that you receive with your acceptance letter, but you are welcome to change it. If you do, we recommend changing your password in both Schoology AND Maestro so that your information remains consistent.

    • If you ever forget your Schoology password, the best way to retrieve that information is by going to and clicking on "Forgot Password." Remember that you will need to input the original email that you used when you first submitted your application.

    • Remember, many students have personal accounts from previous courses, but these will not display your Doral College courses. If you are asked for an access code, you are probably in the wrong account!

    • Keep in mind that your courses will not be visible in Schoology until the first day of classes!

    • You can use your username or your email account as your username, but remember that your Schoology password may not be the same password that you created for your email account.

Schoology: What is it?

Schoology is our learning management system where all official Doral College course content is offered. This makes it the primary system for students and instructors to interact with courses and content.

For help understanding how to use Schoology and what features it has, take a look at this useful guide to getting started.

If you need help with Schoology, you can visit the Schoology help page for students here.

Why is it important?

This is where you will turn in assignments and where you can access many other tools such as LIRN (the Library), Smarthinking (Tutoring), and Knewton (STEM courseware). This is also considered a communication hub and announcements as well as instructor communications will be available through this system. Schoology is where instructors grade assignment and maintain student grades throughout the course.

How do I use it?

Schoology can be accessed either by navigating on the internet to or by getting the Schoology mobile app and logging in with the credentials provided to you in your acceptance letter. You can also log in directly from your student Dashboard in Maestro as seen below.