Remember to make sure you can sign in!

  • Student Information (MaestroSIS - - This login information is the same as Schoology, but you must use your username (JSmith1234). You can access unofficial transcripts, see course enrollments, and you can also use single sign on to log directly into Schoology by clicking on "Launch Course" once classes have begun.

    • Remember that changing your MaestroSIS password does NOT change your Schoology password or your DCmail password. You are welcome to change your password, but if you do you should make sure that you change your password for Schoology as well so that they match!

    • The "Launch Course" button will not be visible until the first day of classes, but you can still sign on to Schoology by clicking on "Acadmic Info" -> "Current Courses" -> "LMS Credential" tab from your Student Dashboard.

    • Also, if you want to check whether or not you are enrolled in courses, logging into MaestroSIS is a great way to do that. You can see which courses you're enrolled in right from the Student Dashboard even if there aren't any courses in Schoology yet!

Maestro: What is it?

Maestro is our student information system, which is where we keep all of your official records with Doral College. This is also where we process enrollments and assign grades. Since your account credentials are linked between Maestro and Schoology, you can also get your login information for Schoology by going to and clicking on "Forgot Password." To do this, you should input the personal email that you used to start your application.

Why is it important?

This system isn't used to complete your courses, but it can be used to sign in to your courses, to correct/modify your personal information, to retrieve unofficial transcripts, and, if you are a paying student, to pay your tuition balance.

You can also use Maestro to sign into your courses via Single Sign On as seen in the picture below:

How do I use it?

You can log in to Maestro at using the Maestro username and password that you received in your acceptance letter. The username is typically first initial of first name followed by your last name and then four digits like this: JSmith1234. This username is also the first part of your DCmail so that your email will look like this:

You can also change your personal information by navigating to "My Settings" -> "My Account" and using the tabs along the top to change personal information, profile image, and contact information, including your password as seen below:

How do I get my unofficial transcripts?

Once logged in to Maestro, you should navigate to the "Academic Info" tab, then click on the "Transcript" tab. Once there, you can click on the magnifying glass in order to view your unofficial transcript as seen below:

How do I pay my balance?

Once logged in to Maestro, you should navigate to the "Academic Info" tab, then click on the "Ledger" tab. Once there you can click on either the $ sign or the Invoice # in order to pay your balance as seen below: