Email and Google Suite

Remember to make sure you can sign in!

  • Email (DCmail - - Utilizing your email is very important for ensuring that you are staying up to date with all of your courses as your instructors will use this email to communicate with you. Although your email account is created once you are accepted to Doral College, we recommend setting it up the first time on a desktop or laptop computer. Launch a new chrome incognito browser through the options button and then navigate to through the search bar. Once you type in your email you will be redirected to a web page that says "Colegia" where you will again enter your email and the temporary password sent to you. You will then be asked to create a new password and should follow the below guidelines for creating a new password:

When resetting your password, it is important to keep in mind the minimum complexity you will need to use.

  • Password must not contain the user's account name or more than two consecutive characters from the user's full name.

  • Password must be eight or more characters long

  • Password must contain characters from three of the following four categories:

    • Uppercase characters A-Z (Latin alphabet)

    • Lowercase characters a-z (Latin alphabet)

    • Digits 0-9

    • Special characters (!, $, #, %, etc.)

Gsuite: What is it?

Your google account is provided to you by Doral College primarily as a communication medium with instructors. This email will be your primary email while taking courses with us. However, your google account has tons of additional features, including a full suite of office software (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides) as well as unlimited storage in your Google drive. It's a great way to store all of your assignments because you can access it from anywhere and any device (even your phone!). Your Google account also comes with Google Meet which is a reliable video conferencing tool. To learn more about Gsuite and what it has to offer, click here.

Why is it important?

Your email is the primary method that instructors will use to communicate with you apart from Schoology itself. It's important that you check your email on a regular basis, and adding the account to your mobile device is recommended so that you can get updates about your classes and assignments immediately. This is also the way that you should reach out to your instructors so that they know exactly who you are and which class you are in.

How do I use it?

To view all the apps available to you through your google account you can go to while you are logged in to your account.

Having Trouble Logging in?

If you are having any trouble logging in because you have a colegia email as well, please view the video below for a detailed explanation of the problem.