Accessing Courses

and other Software and Tools that are available to you

Our Learning Management System. Schoology is the method you will primarily use to interact with your courses. This is accessible both on the web at and via the Schoology Mobile App.
Our Student Information System. This is how we manage your information and course enrollments. You can use this system to view past enrollments, grades, and unofficial transcripts.
Our Student Email Provider.All DC students are issued a email address. This is a Google account that not only serves as the primary communication method with your instructors, but also provides a suite of extremely useful tools for your use.
Our Library Resources System. You can use LIRN to research specific topics for your assignments. This tool is available through a link within Schoology.
Our Online Tutoring Service.Available 24/7 through a link within Schoology, Smarthinking tutoring allows you to connect with experts in a variety of subjects so you can get real time help when you need it.


Our Supplementary Courseware.Similar to Schoology, Junction is an innovative system integrated into certain courses at the College. Please note: if a course uses Junction, you can access it directly from Schoology. Direct login is not necessary.