Remember to make sure you can sign in!

  • For existing Dual Enrollment Colegia users: If you are currently attending one of our affiliate schools and already a Colegia user, you should use your existing Colegia account to login and access resources. You should begin receiving email notifications from Schoology directly to your existing Colegia email account in order to streamline your access to information about your studies with DC. Don't forget to add the Doral College - Schoology and Maestro apps for single sign on access to your college courses and student records.

  • For new Colegia users: If you do not have an existing Colegia account, login to using YourUsername@doral.ede. If you are new to Doral College, then your temporary password to login to Colegia will be your birthdate, first initial, and last initial in the following format: DDMMYYYYfl. When you first log in, Colegia will prompt you to reset your password and establish security questions.

  • If you do not know your login credentials or have any issues logging in, please send an email to with your full name, Doral College Username and/or ID#, and Birth Date so we can confirm your identity and get you logged in.

Colēgia: What is it?

Doral College has partnered with Colēgia to simplify student access to important resources. Colēgia provides a streamlined single sign on portal for students and instructors which makes the process of logging in to access courses and student records easier than ever.

Why is it important?

Colēgia has simplified and streamlined access to information as well as the ability to log in to your courses and retrieve student records. It's also the communication hub where you can access communications from Doral College in your email and via update notifications in Colēgia itself.

How do I use it?

Login at to get started.

  1. Click on the Apps button on the left-hand menu.

  2. Search for "Doral College"

  3. Click the small + icon to add both the Schoology and MaestroSIS apps to your dashboard.

These apps will allow you to sign directly in to Schoology (to view course content and complete assignments) and MaestroSIS (for student records). You can add other Apps from the menu that interest you as well.

Having Trouble Logging in?

If you are having any trouble logging in, please use our technical support help desk by emailing Make sure you include important identifying information such as your full name, Username or ID#, and birth date so that we can quickly identify your account and help get you logged in.