Canvas: What is it?

Canvas is our learning management system where all official Doral College course content is offered. This makes it the primary system for students and instructors to interact with courses and content.

For help understanding how to use Canvas and what features it has, take a look at this useful guide to getting started.

Why is it important?

This is where you will turn in assignments and where you can access many other tools such as LIRN (the Library), Smarthinking (Tutoring), and Knewton (STEM courseware). This is also considered a communication hub and announcements as well as instructor communications will be available through this system. Canvas is where instructors grade assignment and maintain student grades throughout the course.

How do I use it?

Canvas can be accessed directly through the Doral College - Canvas app in Colegia. Just click on "Apps" on the left-hand menu and filter by grade level "College." Click the + icon at the top right corner of the apps to add them to your dashboard.